Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Follow this Twitterer: jbwhaley

Here's someone you should follow on Twitter: the prolific, poignant indie filmmaker, jbwhaley, who just today Tweeted:

"A family is worth waking up for. Making a name for one's self is worth staying awake for. The rest is just sleeping, or death."

Can I use this as my new credo without paying royalties?

XKCD - Brilliant, Amusing WebComic

Check out XKCD's clever, witty webcomics, updating three times a week. The one I've picked out for you is a look at how Twitter users react to the Swine Flu pandemic.

Click here to visit XKCD

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Onion: More Americans Outsourcing Their Jobs

Be sure to stick around for this entire Onion take on Americans outsourcing their jobs. This is a classic example of The Onion creating its own comic universe:

More American Workers Outsourcing Own Jobs Overseas

Bio-bak: Innovative Interactive Website

See what happens when an imaginative Flash animator/cartoonist is let loose on the web! This interactive (R-rated) website lets you search for missing tools in a scrollable world populated with the occasional weird character.

Click here to visit Bio-bak

Star Trek: Next Generation - 'gazorra' style

Only a Star Trek: Next Generation afficionado could appreciate the amount of editing that 'gazorra' undertakes to create his/her Next Generation remixes:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sesame Street has the Coolest Website!

While looking around for kids websites for my daughter, we came across the Sesame Street website. I've seen a lot of sites try to make themselves cool and kid-friendly, but this simple, elegant interface is the best I've ever seen.

To start, two Muppet hands squirt glue on a panel and then attach the menu items that run along the top. But the best part is at the bottom of the page. A series of pictures of various Muppet characters are hung from strings. They are clickable gateways to various activities you can do with each character. And together, moving the mouse over the pictures produces a lovely xylophone sound! The games and other activities are lots of fun, too!

Experience the site now; it's wonderful! Check out the cool Sesame Street website here!