Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ok Go - White Knuckles

And if you like dogs, chairs, and 'cute' innovation, here's Ok Go with their music video for White Knuckles:

Ok Go - Rube Goldberg Machine

Ok Go is back with even more! This time, they have worked with a team of developers to create a stunningly elaborate Rube Goldberg machine that runs in sync with their song This Too Shall Pass. Amazing!

Ok Go - back again with a marching band

Ok Go is my favorite band when it comes to creativity, innovation, and just using 'everyday stuff' in their music videos. Their treadmill dance is a perennial favorite. In 2009, they returned with a new album and a new music video, this time dressed as marching band members. I don't know why - the song itself is not fantastic, but there's just something about the work/joy/humor/surprises that they put into their performance that makes it wonderful.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Destroy your own site

Netdisaster is a quick and fun way to creatively destroy your own website. Choose your destructive effect (nuke, flood, dinosaur, or one of many others), copy and paste a bit of javascript code onto your page, and voila! Your site is beautifully (and, of course, temporarily) ruined! It serves no useful purpose other than being a lot of fun.

Join the fun at

Friday, May 28, 2010

Ronald McDonald: The Wild Years

Life has not always been perfect for Ronald McDonald, the iconic clown who represents happiness, fun, and food that kids love. As with all men (and clowns), Ronald McDonald had his wild years

There were the torrid love affairs

Many torrid love affairs

The experimental period

His many addictions

Hanging out in dodgy parts of town

Run-ins with bad folk; narrowly avoiding serious injury

Of course, he did his share of fighting, too

And got arrested on more than one occasion

But fortunately, he found religion and changed his life

He settled down with someone of his ilk

And together, they created an heir

Sunday, July 12, 2009

St. Andrews Face Transformer

Check out this 'toy': the St. Andrews Face of the Future Face Transformer does an incredible job of transforming any face photo into a variety of styles, including manga, cavemen, botticelli, and various races.

Click here to try the face transformer

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sanford Having An Affair, Not Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Disgraced South Carolina governor Mark Sanford has surprised no one by revealing that he would rather have an affair with an Argentinian woman than hike the Appalachian Trail.

The story began a few days ago, when Sanford went missing. No one knew where he was: not his staff, his security detail, or his wife and children. Although somewhat unusual for a head of state, the absence occurred during a break period, and his staff suggested that the governor was just escaping to get away from it all.

After four days, his staff said that the governor was hiking the Appalachian Trail. Was this true? A person does not just 'hike the Appalachian Trail' for four days. It takes preparation, timing, and transport. But that was the story at that time.

The next day, the governor was tracked at the airport, where he had flown in from Argentina. Just a mistake, the staff said; he was having a little Argentine vacation, not hiking the Appalachian Trail.

And finally, today, Sanford has admitted that he flew to Argentina to have an affair with an Argentinian women. That's much more fun that slogging across the Appalachian Range with a 40 pound backpack. But it's also more damaging to the political career of a possible future presidential candidate.

Sanford has resigned as chairman of the Republican Governors Association. He stated that he went to Argentina to end the affair. He has split with his wife, but he is trying to salvage his political career.

Read the Washington Post article here