Saturday, January 31, 2009

2009 Australian Open Tennis: Celebrity Sighting?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

FYI: Octuplets = 8 Babies

USA Today reports that a California woman was relieved to find out yesterday from the team of 46 doctors, nurses, and assistants that helped her deliver her newborns that 'octuplets' does not mean that her babies were born with suction-cup laden tentacles. Rather, it means that she had just given birth to 8 babies.

Her relief was short-lived, however, as she soon realized that one octopus baby might have been preferable. "8 babies will certainly be a joy, but they will require a tremendous amount of work. That one octopus baby would have only required some kind of modified crib/fishtank" she said.

Experts say it is only the second known delivery of octuplets in the United States.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Japanese For Busy People (product review)

I was very disappointed in this book/CD package. The title was misleading. My situation is that I am going to Japan in a couple of months, and, while I am there (for work) I have a series of tasks to accomplish in a very limited period of time. I needed to learn Japanese phrases for all situations that could help me to speed things up and get done faster. For example:

"Could you hurry up with those Ramen noodles?"

"Sorry I pushed past you to get on the Bullet Train."

"I believe I am the next to be allowed entry into the Royal Palace."

Essentially, I needed a phrasebook for busy people in busy situations. The title led me to believe this is what I would get - I had no idea they were referring to people who, because they are busy, have limited time to *learn* Japanese. That's very different.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun for kids? The Playmobil Security Checkpoint

It's never too early to get your children acclimated to living in a police state! The Playmobil Security Checkpoint set comes with woman traveler, security checkpoint, luggage and spare change, screening machine, airport employee, and security guard. For drawbacks and personal experiences, read the hilarious product reviews!

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Looking to Buy a Badonkadonk Tank?

Amazon is not just for books anymore! They can also satisfy your need for a safe, reliable, secure tank! The Badonkadonk is a unique land tank / battle cruiser that houses 5, can be controlled from within or above, and has a reasonable price tag of only $20,000.00. The product itself is amusing, but what's even better are the customer reviews - from the trailer park dweller who used it to get revenge on the guy two-timing his 'sister', to the disappointed dad who bought it for his 4 year old son and found it doesn't get up to 40 miles per hour as advertised.

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